Author and academic Dr. Julia Jones is calling on captains of industry and businesses around the world to back a Music At Work Week campaign aimed at encouraging their employees to listen to music in the workplace to improve health.

Music At Work Week hopes to enhance wellbeing and mental health among workers after studies proved a daily diet of music can assist the brain and body, improving productivity.

Dr. Jones, also known as Doctor Rock, came up with the campaign concept while writing her new book The Music Diet, which identifies music as a key factor in mental and physical health Music At Work Week will take place between November 25-December 1 2019.

Work-related stress and anxiety issues cost the economy billions of pounds each year:

Over 15 million working days are lost in the UK each year due to health problems which are predominantly brought on by workload.

Work now bleeds outside of the traditional 9 to 5 working day and for many consumes almost every waking moment via smartphone technology. Employees feel overwhelmed and overloaded and under constant pressure.

Increasingly, the stress also means workers have sleeping difficulties. Sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40bn per year due to its effect on focus, productivity and physical/mental health.

It is almost impossible for many employees to keep up with workload because open plan offices and constant interruptions make it increasingly difficult to focus.

The campaign asks employers to acknowledge these facts and sign up to the Music At Work Charter. This means that businesses would agree to allow employees to use music at work and also put education and training in place to ensure that workers get the maximum benefits from music both at work and at home.

Found In Music director Dr. Jones, who has worked with Olympic teams, the NHS, governmental bodies and major brands and corporations around the world, has been prescribing music for personal and business health for over 20 years.

She is also encouraging the public to embrace the scientific evidence and consume some music every day as part of their daily diet for good health and says:  “The science shows that purposeful use of music playlists and headphones can help people focus to get more work done in less time.

“The science also shows that music in non-focus workplaces such as reception areas and kitchen areas can produce a more relaxing environment to ease stress.

“We have drawn up a charter for employers to adopt and in November we want as many businesses as possible to support Music At Work Week internationally. This is a serious issue and costs employers and the economy billions of pounds a year. Technology has had massive effects on the working environment and health. We want to spark a workplace transformation revolution.”

November 29th 2019 also marks the 39th anniversary of ‘9 to 5’- Dolly Parton’s Grammy award-winning critique of working life, since the subject of a hit Broadway and current West End musical.

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