AUGUST 19 2019- A ground-breaking new entertainment platform which aims to transform online viewing habits has launched, it was announced today.

Revolutionary start-up Livetree is to take on giants Netflix and Facebook, shaking up digital content consumption with a fresh approach, superserving users’ obsessions and passion points.

The platform allows consumers to view content socially with networks of friends around the world simultaneously in a series of specially-curated communities, or Livetree Rooms.

A slew of exclusive content licensing deals with BFI, Hat Trick Productions, Signature Entertainment, Kaleidoscope Pictures and Third Window Films has also been secured.

The first version of Livetree is to be available on an initial three-month free subscription via the web, Apple TV, mobile and App and is the brainchild of entrepreneur Ashley Turing, who has previously worked as a tech expert for banking giants Credit Suisse, RBS and HSBC.

The platform will specialise in content around music, film, food and drink, art, sex, gaming and technology. Premium films include Woody Allen thriller Match Point, starring Scarlett Johansson and exclusives such as ground-breaking documentary Rossotrevi, about controversial artist Cecchini.

Livetree is also seeking out filmmakers for independent content to show on the platform.

A stellar line-up of specialist experts and influencers will help curate content, comment on it, interact with users and market Livetree. The platform will feature a unique crowd-funding element and users will also be able to earn rewards for content views.

Mr. Turing said:

“Livetree is the internet’s new disruptor. Think Gogglebox meets Kickstarter meets Netflix. Livetree is revolutionary. Pure. Transparent. Honest. Ethical. Democratic. Socially positive. Caring. Livetree’s content is thought-provoking, rare and eye-catching. It’s classy, edgy, hand-picked by human beings, nostalgic and oozes quality. Consumers can watch movies and shows together with their friends at the same time in a series of what we call rooms.

By creating a room with your playlist of favourite shows and movies you can chat live or schedule a time to watch together. You can access your friends rooms’ playlist and save time finding movies and shows tailored to your personal interests.

And if you can’t find the show you want to see, crowdfund it and earn every time it gets played.”

Mr. Turing said he hopes Livetree can be transformative and take on digital giants Netflix and Facebook, appealing to consumers who are tired of their data and privacy being abused by tech giants.

He added:

“We are all sick of our privacy and data being whored around the world to the highest bidder. The people want their privacy back. Livetree will never abuse your data. We want to transform the Internet into the Ethicalnet.

Livetree is the platform with a social conscience and modernity. If you’re sick of endless antiquated Netflix scrolling, then get Livetree rolling.”

Content deals for the platform have been secured by Creative Director Shrimoyee Chakraborty, a serial entrepreneur and restauranteur. Livetree has also assembled an impressive roster of advisors including ex-Endemol Shine MD Alex Cannock, Sky News producer Tim Cunningham, New York Times and Forbes film critic Bedatri D. Chowdhury, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Cheryl Edison and former Director of Content at Warner Media Quentin Carbonell.

Livetree Founder and CEO Ashley Turing is available for interview. Please contact Dominic Mohan Media for more information.

07824 428240

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